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These 111 marquee marketing ideas will come in handy for small business owners.

The topics include digital marketing, experiential marketing, incentive marketing, lifestyle marketing, buzz marketing, events marketing among others with a focus on the specific needs of smaller businesses to get maximum return from their investment.

  1. Add an incentive program where customers can earn points by buying certain items or referring friends, which they can then redeem for prizes
  2. Add social media buttons to your website and blog
  3. Add videos of yourself using or talking about the product on your website, YouTube channel, and social media pages
  4. Advertise on social media to target people in the area who have shown interest in your product or service
  5. Allow customers to earn points for each dollar spent and redeem them for rewards
  6. Ask customers to post photos wearing clothes from your store on social media (#loveyourlook) and use those pictures in future marketing materials
  7. Buy a billboard in an area with lots of foot traffic
  8. Create a blog for your company
  9. Create a blog or podcast about your product or service
  10. Create a blog that educates people about your product and helps them solve their problems
  11. Create a Facebook event and invite people to RSVP
  12. Create a hashtag for the event, like #myevent2021 or #shoplocal2021
  13. Create a referral program where you give your customer’s friends 10% off their purchase when they use the link from the original customer’s email (which is given after completing the order)
  14. Create a VIP program for your customers
  15. Create an interactive experience for people to try out your products
  16. Create an online contest for customers to enter and win prizes (like a new iPad) by following you on social media
  17. Create an online contest with prizes that can be redeemed in-store
  18. Create and distribute flyers about your company and its products
  19. Create and distribute flyers in the surrounding neighborhood
  20. Create contests for customers- give away a prize for the best answer to a question or offer something in exchange for customer feedback on products they’ve purchased from you
  21. Create events that are fun and interesting
  22. Create flyers and post them all over your city
  23. Create social media posts and ads that are funny, surprising, or shareable
  24. Create video content that shows how the product is used in daily life, such as makeup tutorials or fitness routines
  25. Develop partnerships with other companies that are related to yours (e.g., clothing store partners with shoe company)
  26. Display your products in unusual places, like on the counter at a coffee shop or inside a grocery store
  27. Encourage customer feedback with surveys and contests
  28. Encourage repeat business by sending out postcards periodically with reminders of how much someone has saved over time because they bought from you instead of other stores that are more expensive but have better locations or hours of operation
  29. Feature local artists in your front window display or as part of an art show you host inside your store (make sure they have their own website)
  30. Find influencers who have large followings on social media accounts like Instagram and Snapchat and pay them money if they mention or post pictures from your store’s account (this is called “sponsored posts”)
  31. Find out what events are happening in your area, then advertise your store at those events
  32. Get creative with an upcoming holiday- maybe offer free shipping on Valentine’s Day orders?
  33. Get creative! Think about what would be appealing to you as a customer, and make that the incentive
  34. Give away free samples of new products so people can try them before buying them full price
  35. Give away free samples of products to increase curiosity about them and the brand as well as trial periods for customers who purchase from you online to try before they buy
  36. Give away free samples of your products to build hype and get people talking
  37. Give away freebies with purchases over a certain amount
  38. Give away prizes such as gift cards or products when someone attends the event/promotion/sale
  39. Give away samples to customers who are walking by your business’s location
  40. Give away tickets or other prizes in exchange for customer contact information
  41. Give out branded merchandise like t-shirts, hats, or mugs for people who come into the store on certain days of the week (e.g., “Tuesdays are taco Tuesdays”) 7) Partner up with local businesses around you by giving them discounts if they bring their customer into your business on certain days of the week 8) Send coupons via email to past customers 9) Put together a gift basket for new mothers
  42. Give out coupons at events or charity fundraisers that are relevant to your business’s niche
  43. Give out free samples in the store or at an event
  44. Give out promotional products like pens, stickers, or t-shirts with your logo on them
  45. Hand out free samples at events that are happening locally
  46. Have a professional video created for your business
  47. Hire a virtual assistant to do online research and email outreach for you
  48. Hold a contest on social media for something like “Share Your Favorite Product”
  49. Host a pop-up store at the location of your choosing for one day only
  50. Host an event and invite influencers to speak
  51. Host events and invite influencers to attend
  52. Invite your clients to an exclusive event, like a cooking class or wine tasting
  53. Let people know when they can get something in stock again by posting it on your social media pages
  54. Make your store’s logo stand out with an eye-catching design
  55. Network with influencers in your industry
  56. Offer a discount for first-time customers
  57. Offer a discount or freebie as an incentive to buy
  58. Offer a discount or promotion
  59. Offer a discount to customers who purchase more than one item at a time
  60. Offer a free product with purchase of another one
  61. Offer a free sample to potential customers
  62. Offer an in-store experience in exchange for a purchase
  63. Offer coupons for discounts on future purchases- this is great for getting people back into stores after they’ve already left, which can happen when it’s raining outside or there’s a lot of tourist traffic during peak season
  64. Offer coupons to prospective customers via social media posts
  65. Offer customers a free sample of your product to create a sense of ownership
  66. Offer discounts for attending multiple events throughout the year (e.g., 10% off if you attend 3)
  67. Offer discounts for attending the event or buying something from your store during the event
  68. Offer discounts on bulk orders to incentivize people to buy in bulk
  69. Offer discounts on items when someone posts about your business on social media or leaves a review online
  70. Offer discounts on products at your store during the event
  71. Offer exclusive deals to event attendees
  72. Offer free samples of your product, like a food truck that offers free chips and salsa with every purchase
  73. Offer prizes like gift cards or products to anyone who mentions your company
  74. Offer special sales during holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday in order to drive traffic back to the store after Christmas has passed
  75. Organize a scavenger hunt around your town and offer prizes for winners who find all of the items first
  76. Organize contests and sweepstakes that are relevant to your company’s industry and target audience
  77. Partner with other brands who offer complementary services (such as offering discounts if they come into one of your stores)
  78. Post on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other classifieds sites
  79. Promote deals by offering discounts through Groupon
  80. Provide coupons and discounts on a regular basis, as well as promotions through newsletters or social media posts
  81. Put up banners on your website with information about the incentives you’re offering
  82. Put up flyers in popular places where your target audience is likely to be found (e.g., coffee shops)
  83. Put up flyers in your neighborhood
  84. Put up posters around town promoting your store hours and special offers
  85. Respond to customer emails quickly- don’t let an unanswered email go longer than 24 hours because it will make potential customers think you’re unresponsive or not interested in helping them with their problem/solution questions
  86. Run a Facebook contest with prizes
  87. Send coupons in the mail as an incentive for customers to buy from you instead of somewhere else
  88. Send emails to past customers inviting them to upcoming events
  89. Send out coupons and special offers via email
  90. Send out mailers to potential customers, especially if they live nearby
  91. Send out newsletters to keep customers updated with new products, sales, and events
  92. Send out newsletters with exclusive deals that are only available through those emails
  93. Send out personalized messages to customers who have purchased from you before, thanking them or asking what they think of the product they bought
  94. Send personalized thank-you notes after every purchase with handwritten messages from employees who helped make the sale possible
  95. Share photos of happy customers enjoying themselves at your events on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  96. Share your business on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  97. Sponsor a meetup group with like-minded people who share your interests
  98. Sponsor an event that is related to your industry or target demographic
  99. Start a blog about how you use events marketing to increase sales at your business
  100. Update content on a regular basis, including new product information and customer testimonials
  101. Use email marketing with autoresponders that include discount codes or coupon offers when customers sign up for email updates from you
  102. Use event marketing tools such as Eventbrite or Meetup to help organize your next event and make it more successful
  103. Use Facebook ads to promote your products
  104. Use Google Adwords to promote specific products or services
  105. Use QR codes to get people to your website or social media account
  106. Use social media influencers as brand ambassadors
  107. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., to promote your discounts and specials
  108. Use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to promote upcoming events, sales, and promotions (with pictures)
  109. Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to engage with customers and promote events
  110. Use the services of an SEO professional to increase your website traffic and sales rank for keywords related to what you sell online
  111. Write reviews for other companies’ websites in exchange for free samples of their products

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