Embrace the power of marquee marketing to grow your business

If you're a marketer, then you know how hard it is to generate leads and get your business noticed.

The good news is that we've developed a proven process for creating events that drive engagement levels and improve marketing results. We call this marquee marketing.

Our team of experts can help you create an effective campaign with measurable outcomes as well as provide ongoing support throughout the duration of your program so that you can achieve optimum results from your investment in marquee marketing programs.

About Marquee Marketing

Marquee Marketing, a division of World Incentive Network Inc., is a marketing agency that helps you to attract and retain great customers by aligning your marketing with your customer experience and by using a variety of customer-focused strategies.

It’s no secret that marketing has changed.  Every online review is marketing as is every YouTube video, photo posted on social media, check-in at your business, complaint, compliment or question posted to your Twitter account.

You no longer solely control the message about your business.  Your customers are now trusted more than what you say.

You create a marketing strategy, marketing plans and marketing campaigns and you use marketing tools to get your message out.  This isn’t going to change.  

However, your customers are creating powerful marketing messages too and if those messages aren’t in alignment with yours, you are in trouble.

We help you to ensure your customer experience creates the brand you want.  

We align your marketing messages with your brand promise and your customer experience.  

Then we use a variety of marketing tools to share your message, attract your best guests and help you to retain them.

Your job has never been harder because every decision you make impacts customer experience, your brand and your profit.

Our job has never been easier because we stopped creating websites, events, videos for video marketing, social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, trade show plans, loyalty programs, experiential marketing and media campaigns as standalone projects.  

Instead, we work with you to align what you say you deliver with what you actually deliver which builds trust, increases customer lifetime value, lowers customer acquisition cost, improves marketing effectiveness and generally helps make everyone a lot happier.  

Then we pull out our marketing toolbox to differentiate your business, expand your reach and let your customers experience your unique hospitality.

We’re a different breed of marketing agency.  We are Marquee Marketing.