About Marquee Marketing

About Marquee Marketing

Marquee Marketing is a values-driven company that reinvents business and transforms lives.

Our higher purpose is to Reinvent Business and Transform Lives.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed in the global marketplace while cultivating their personal well-being and making an impact on society.

We understand how difficult it can be for smaller businesses to compete against larger corporations with more resources, which is why we offer a full suite of services tailored specifically to them.

Marquee Marketing believes in diversity, inclusiveness, equity, and being socially responsible. We cater to the small to medium-sized business founder/owner who also cares about these things.

Marquee Marketing believes these entrepreneurs have something special to offer not just themselves but also their employees, families, and communities.

We provide marketing solutions designed to help them compete in an ever-changing world.

Marquee Marketing wants to help them win by creating marketing campaigns that are personalized for their target market and customers.

We are part of the World Incentive Network family founded in 1996 which includes Marquee Incentives, and Marquee Events.

Our founder was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 for her innovative business ideas.

She has also helped countless businesses throughout to world, with her Guerrilla Tourism Marketing book which has been an invaluable resource since it was published nearly a decade ago.

Our goal is to bring together people through experiences that strengthen community ties and build wealth—all while having fun!

Our Core Values

Responsible — We hold ourselves accountable.  We do what we say we’ll do.  We take ownership. We are trustworthy.

Empathetic — We bring our true selves to work and we honour the diverse range of beliefs, viewpoints, dreams, goals, personalities, and experiences of others.  We respect these differences, put ourselves in their shoes, and do our absolute best to help them achieve their goals while we also achieve the goals of the company.

Curious — We are constantly seeking to understand more about our craft, co-workers, clients, community, and causes so that we can provide better solutions and more value.

Driven — We are driven to produce outstanding results for ourselves, our teammates, customers, company, community, and causes.  We appreciate and recognize the effort and we celebrate achievement.

Fun — We work hard, and we play hard.  We ask for help when we need it.  If something at work isn’t fun, we identify the root cause and resolve to fix it with our teammates.  We have lives outside of work and we do our best to make sure we’re living them to the fullest.

Our Team

Carol Wain receiving Entrepreneur of the Year

This is an ancient photo of our president right after she was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year back in January 2004.

Carol started, what is now World Incentive Network, the parent to Marquee Marketing, from her living room while on maternity leave in 1996.

Using a 14.4k modem and her wedding gift — a desktop computer — she created her first brand, Global Incentive Travel Services at the same time as she created her first website, with FrontPage for Dummies in one hand and Chet Holmes’ Internet Marketing manual in the other.

Carol’s journey — like all entrepreneurs journeys — has been, well, a journey!

She built a lifestyle brand designed around her family, her passion for human-focused businesses, and her love (obsession?) for travel.

Carol is a past president for the Incentive Travel Council, a strategic industry group within the Incentive Marketing Association.

She was also on the SITE Canada Board and the Comox Valley Airport Commission.

2009 was a tough year for her business, as it was for the industry and many businesses in general, so she took a step back (that’s an understatement) and figured out what she wanted to do next.

3 years later, she was welcomed into the Guerrilla Marketing family, as an author of Guerrilla Tourism Marketing.

Carol has been featured in many publications (but we won’t bore you with a lengthy list… that’s what Google is good for!)

And here’s her LinkedIn Profile.

Carol decided to take, what she calls, the world’s longest sabbatical — which was supposed to be retirement before the novelty wore off — and now she’s back with years of experience and a new purpose, which is to Reinvent Business and Transform Lives.

What about the rest of the team?

World Incentive Network has 5 brands (and counting), most of which are boutique, specialist consultancies/agencies.

To provide so many specialized services, our business model includes working with an established network of vetted specialists who provide services for our clients.

We also recommend, and work with, technology partners who have created impressive niche solutions that we use with our clients.

Rest assured, most of our specialists have been working with us for over 5 years, many for over 10 years (even during “retirement”) and we don’t recommend technology that we don’t use ourselves.

Want to Join Us?

If your core values align with ours and you produce excellent work, consistently, email Carol [at] marquee marketing [dot] ca.  Be sure to include your LinkedIn profile and a link to your portfolio or personal website.

If there was one lesson that 2009 taught us…

SMEs, even when they are flying high, doing extraordinarily well, and achieving all their targets, need to remember what it’s like to be a start-up.

Stuff happens — recessions, changes in government or regulations, new technologies and competitors, and even a pandemic — can take the legs out from under a successful entrepreneur.

We believe in an abundance mindset, “going for it”, “taking a chance” AND we believe in return on investment.

It’s not either/or… it’s both… but we have to be mindful to keep the balance.

And this is why you should hire us because we understand the ups and downs of business as well as the techniques and strategies of marketing.  You get so much more than a website designer, or a graphics artist, a marketing specialist, or an event planner.

Instead, you get a team of business performance improvement specialists who help you to grow your business using business management and marketing strategies that work for your situation.