Marquee Marketing Approach

  • Discovery

  • Plan

  • implement, monitor and adjust


Discovery is a process. Meaning before we can decide on the best solution, or set up your marketing plan and/or campaigns to get the desired outcome, we need to understand your current situation and what outcomes you are trying to achieve.

We need to know your vision, core values, higher purpose, culture, origin story, who your customers are, what they love about you, where you are heading, what you value and what success looks like for you.

Looking at a big picture of goals from Day One will help us create a roadmap for success that works with your values, goals, strategy, and priorities -- not in opposition to them -- so we waste less time getting there (and more time enjoying it).

Our goal is to find the solution that you didn't know you needed. We want to work tirelessly until we have found exactly what it is that you need in your business and has been missing all this time.