Marquee Marketing Approach

  • Discovery

  • Plan

  • implement, monitor and adjust


Discovery is a process. Meaning before we can decide on the best solution, or set up your marketing plan and/or campaigns to get the desired outcome, we need to understand your current situation and what outcomes you are trying to achieve.

We need to know your vision, core values, higher purpose, culture, origin story, who your customers are, what they love about you, where you are heading, what you value and what success looks like for you.

Looking at a big picture of goals from Day One will help us create a roadmap for success that works with your values, goals, strategy, and priorities -- not in opposition to them -- so we waste less time getting there (and more time enjoying it).

Our goal is to find the solution that you didn't know you needed. We want to work tirelessly until we have found exactly what it is that you need in your business and has been missing all this time.


As a division of World Incentive Network, our background is in business performance improvement and producing plans and campaigns designed to deliver expected results for both the long-term and the short-term.

Our approach is built on the foundation of data, knowledge and insight to deliver creative solutions to business challenges.

Although the discovery can be a little intense, especially if some of the questions haven't been considered before, the planning stage is where everything comes together.

We co-create the plans, campaigns and marketing collateral to ensure that we're on the same wavelength.

The team emphasizes experience-driven strategies that are tailored for remarkable brands in any industry with a high level of customization based on what's worked or not worked previously.

We have created success for clients across various industries from those such as technology, manufacturing, professional services, retail stores to non-profits so we know how to apply our expertise accordingly.

Implement, Monitor, and Adjust

It’s time to finally get marketing right.

Implementation, monitoring and adjustments are how successful brands build equity and businesses improve results.

Implementing a strategy without thought for the outcome is just a pipe dream.

To create impactful results, you’ll need your stakeholders -- including your employees, advisors, consultants and outsourcers -- to work together with data experts to research and plan before sending any creative assets out into the world.

The best part about working with Marquee Marketing?

We are results-driven and it shows in our work. Sure, you could hire someone to create one piece of your marketing plan but, from personal experience, this approach fails to produce the ROI you need from your marketing investment.

Instead, we’ll work with you to build a comprehensive strategy that includes every channel your customer interacts with: social media, SEO/SEM and video production for branding; content development for blogging or other creative assets (e-books, whitepapers); influencer outreach programs and all the marquee marketing tools.

Your business may be smaller than the big guys but it doesn't mean you can't compete.  Our founder won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003 and regularly competes with massive competitors.

Small has some downsides but it doesn't need to define your success.  Every successful business started small with a vision.  Allow us to help you bring yours to fruition.

To learn more about how our approach has helped brands just like yours grow their revenue, schedule a call.

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