How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021

Marketing is changing and so are marketing strategies and it is essential for companies to have an integrated marketing strategy to maximize their reach and potential. Businesses today need to be more creative than ever before to stand out from the crowd, but it is not just creativity that will help you succeed. The number one thing… Continue reading How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021

Rise Above the Competition with Incentive Marketing

Incentive marketing is the practice of offering people – usually consumers or channel partners – prizes, or rewards, for performing specific actions. Incentives, in the form of rewards or discounts, are provided in exchange for the customer acting on a marketing message. The action your company wants to elicit from consumers is up to you, and may… Continue reading Rise Above the Competition with Incentive Marketing

Cut Through the Noise With Experiential Marketing

The concept of experiential marketing is a relatively new one, but it is quickly gaining popularity in the business world. Experiential marketing involves creating an interactive experience for customers or potential clients to get them engaged with your brand and give them a better understanding of what you have to offer. Experiential Marketing can be used… Continue reading Cut Through the Noise With Experiential Marketing

111 Marquee Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

These 111 marquee marketing ideas will come in handy for small business owners. The topics include digital marketing, experiential marketing, incentive marketing, lifestyle marketing, buzz marketing, events marketing among others with a focus on the specific needs of smaller businesses to get maximum return from their investment. Add an incentive program where customers can earn… Continue reading 111 Marquee Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Boost Sales with Guerrilla Marketing

There are many different approaches to marketing your business, and some of them take the form of unconventional strategies. If you are in business, you may have heard of guerrilla marketing. This is a type of marketing strategy that uses unconventional tactics to get your message across to the masses. These marketing strategies can help… Continue reading Boost Sales with Guerrilla Marketing

What is Marquee Marketing?

Marquee marketing encompasses many different marketing strategies and techniques from the world of non-traditional marketing which includes: Guerrilla Marketing Events Marketing Experiential Marketing Incentive Marketing Digital Marketing Lifestyle Marketing Buzz Marketing Cause Marketing Embedded Marketing Marquee marketing relies on creativity and the art of storytelling regardless of the type of marketing campaign. The most important… Continue reading What is Marquee Marketing?

The New 5Ps For Marketing

In today’s increasingly competitive world, it is crucial that all businesses learn how to market themselves effectively. There are plenty of marketing strategies and tactics that can be used to reach your target audience, but in this blog post, I’m going to focus on the five new Ps of Marketing: Personality, Purpose, Passion, Platform, and… Continue reading The New 5Ps For Marketing

We Lost a Friend, Husband, Father, Grandfather and Marketing Legend — Jay Conrad Levinson

Yesterday, on October 10th, 2013, the world lost an incredible man — friend, husband, father, grandfather, mentor and marketing legend – Jay Conrad Levinson.  Jay was the Father of Guerrilla Marketing and the author of many books which sold millions of copies worldwide. He was also part of the creative teams that made household names… Continue reading We Lost a Friend, Husband, Father, Grandfather and Marketing Legend — Jay Conrad Levinson

Top 3 Tips For Managing Your Online Reputation

A Reputation That Took Decades to Build Can be Threatened by a Single Event You may find yourself in the unfortunate position as the victim of a coordinated attack on your business using social media, which is a horrific situation for anyone who has lived through it. Negative reviews are bad for business and no-one disputes this reality.  However, when you understand how to leverage online reputation, and in particular, your online reviews, they can be very powerful and very profitable. #1 Evaluate your brand promise versus reality.  What are you saying in each and every marketing message?  What do people expect when they shop with you?  Is there a disconnect between the customer experience and your promise? If yes either change your brand promise or fix the disconnect.  This could mean training, replacing people, investing in upgraded equipment, renovating and so on. Remember… each and every touch point someone has with your business is marketing.  Be sure it is consistent with their experience otherwise your reputation — both online reputation and offline reputation — will suffer. #2 Claim your accounts.   If you have not claimed your Foursquare, Yelp, Urban Spoon, Google Places, Facebook, Trip Advisor and other accounts where people are reviewing you, do it immediately and start responding to the reviews. When you read a great review, thank the person for taking the time to comment, be humble but reinforce your brand promise and ask them if they would like to call out any employees who made their experience so you can properly recognize them. By doing this […]

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