Cause  Marketing - Building Connections Through Real-Time Engagement

People are living in a world that is more and more disconnected from the causes they believe in.

Today’s consumers want to feel good about what they buy, but it can be hard to find products that align with your values. 

Cause marketing is one of the most effective ways for companies to make an impact on society while driving their business forward.

Cause Marketing

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Cause marketing is a way of doing business that helps companies and causes connect with each other so they can work together to make the world a better place.

It's a relatively easy, effective way for brands and nonprofits alike to reach their goals by working together.

And it's not just about donating money - we help our partners find new ways of making an impact too!

That means if your company wants more customers or exposure, we'll help you find like-minded organizations who need what you have; or if your nonprofit needs funding, we'll show you how cause marketing can be used as a fundraising tool.

Whatever your goal is, there are people out there who want to support it - all they need is someone like us connecting them with each other! So come on over and let's get started today! 

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THE WIN Family's Activism and Causes:

Women's Equality -- We have partnered with Soroptimist for locally supported events.  Our founder volunteered at her daughters' school to teach young girls about media, marketing and how to speak up within a school newsletter.  We attend events such as "Take Back the Night" and the "Vancouver Women's March" on International Women's Day.  We held the Women's Reinvention Summit and we create content and help women to transform their lives.   

We haven't even scratched the surface yet because we are so passionate about so many topics that we faced a crisis that many brands face -- with so many facets of life, politics, and leadership needing a reinvention, as leaders and specialists which stand do we take?  
Taking a long, hard look at your purpose, core values, vision, products, target audience and other factors provides the answer and for us, our number one cause is supporting women because not only is it needed to disrupt the status quo in the workplace, but it is also needed to empower women in their personal lives.

Living your Best Life -- tied very closely to our other causes, we guide individuals and business leaders towards finding their true, authentic self and aligning their dreams, goals, talents and causes they are passionate about into a version of their life that brings them more fulfillment, happiness and joie de vivre!

The Environment -- We choose our partners based on their commitment to the environment.  Our incentive and recognition technology partner is committed to planting 5 million trees a year with Eden Reforestation.    Our purpose of reinventing business to transform lives comes from a commitment to help business leaders discover better ways of operating.   We promote getting outside, enjoying nature, planting and reaping the rewards of even the smallest of vegetable gardens, tending to other plants, recycling, reducing consumption and many other environmentally positive initiatives, that we chose the environment as our third cause.  It's not third because it's the least important in our activism trifecta, it's third because so many others are taking a bigger stand and we're best in a supporting role.

Common Questions About Cause Marketing

What is Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing is the practice of integrating a company's products and messaging with a nonprofit organization, charity, or cause.

A key benefit to this style of advertising is that it increases awareness for both parties involved.

For example, if I was running an educational course on wildlife conservation in Africa and you were selling safaris into Kenya as your main service focus point- we can work together to create partnerships between each other’s organizations which will help increase our respective reach!

The best part?

This type of collaboration doesn't even have to come at any cost; companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their social responsibility practices so they too may reap some PR benefits from these types of arrangements.

What is an Example of Cause Marketing?

What do BodyShop, Patagonia, and Dove have in common?

BodyShop, Patagonia, and Dove all have cause marketing / activism campaigns that are proudly linked from their home pages.

A visit to shows the range of causes it supports: recycling and upcycling its jackets, renewable energy, protecting wilderness are just a few of the causes that are embedded in its company DNA.

Unilever, the parent to Dove, supports many causes: climate, future of work, nutrition and well-being to name 3.

Bodyshop has been advocating for animals and a variety of causes, including partnering with Greenpeace in 1986.

These campaigns are successful because they are more than just selling something.

They involve people in the company's cause. The most effective way to do this is by partnering with organizations that have missions aligned with your company's purpose, values or beliefs.

The most important consideration with cause marketing is that it must be authentic.

It must not seem like a PR stunt. The company's values must be aligned with the cause.

Small to medium-sized businesses can (and should) support causes which align with their purpose, values, and beliefs while also tying into their products.

The key is finding a cause that aligns with your purpose or beliefs so it can transform lives while benefiting from an association with causes you support.

What is Cause Marketing Strategy?

The strategy behind cause marketing is two-fold.  Firstly, the business aligns itself with issues that is important.  This HAS to be authentic and aligned with their purpose, values and products (at a minimum).

Secondly, the way they support the cause must align with their strategy.  For example, a small business generally has limited resources and while they may be whole-heartedly passionate about solving "this" problem, to do so could deplete their energy and distract them from building their business.  

They are better off to lend expertise and resources to another organization that is focused on solving the problem.

Equity - no more discrimination

Today’s consumers are looking for brands that align with their values and cause marketing is a proven way to earn trust. 

Consumers want businesses to be good citizens, but they don’t know which companies are doing the right thing. They need help finding the best causes and companies to support.

Cause marketing has been around for a long time, but it's only recently that consumers have started demanding more from companies and asking them to be part of the solution rather than just selling products or services. 

Cause marketing makes doing good easier by connecting you with causes that align with your purpose. We help you find them and connect them with the people who can support their goals through products they love - like yours!

The Cause Marketing Challenge

Tyrone R. asks:

"I want to add cause marketing to my marketing mix so how do I do it ?"

The Marquee Marketing Solution

Hey Tyrone,

I'm going to start to answer your question by asking you some questions.

Why? Why do you want to add cause marketing to your marketing mix?

Are you considering this because of the PR potential, or are you considering this because you believe in the cause?

What would happen if your company got involved with a good cause that turned out to be bad or controversial for some reason?

What sort of risks are you willing to take on with this strategy and how does it fit into the bigger picture?

Is this cause built into your business DNA or are you considering this solely as a tactic?

Lastly, I would consider how you might measure success. Success is not always measured in dollars and cents but it's important to know what your goals are before moving forward.

Assuming your motives align with your business purpose, core values, vision and products, then cause marketing may be an option for you, provided your have the resources to make an impact.

You aren't going to do anyone any good, if you take on a cause and then cannot pay yourself or your employees.

Be sure you are looking out for your stakeholders first -- meaning yourself, your family and your employees (and investors) -- before embarking on cause marketing.

It will distract you from your business, so you need to be sure you are on solid footing, with the best of intentions, and the resources to commit in a meaningful way.

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