Digital Marketing - Building Connections Through Real-Time Engagement

Marketing has changed. It's no longer about interrupting consumers with irrelevant messages, but instead it's about engaging them in real time and building lasting relationships.

While the Internet is a powerful tool for connecting people on an individual level, most businesses struggle to stay relevant online because they're not taking advantage of digital marketing best practices.

We help companies build meaningful connections through real-time engagement so that your business can gain visibility and generate leads at scale.
Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the umbrella term for all things digital.

It includes social media, web design, email campaigns, and many other forms of online communication that businesses use to connect with their customers.

As more people around the world turn to the internet for information and entertainment, it has become increasingly important for businesses to have a strong presence on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+.

This means creating content with compelling visuals or videos that will engage viewers.

It also means interacting with followers by responding to comments or questions from time-to-time and updating your status regularly with fresh new content.

What Are The Types of Digital Marketing?

The types of digital marketing include Pay per click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing (including podcasts, websites, blogs, video marketing, guest blogging), Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (Display Ads), mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, and IM marketing.

The commonalities are that digital marketing uses the internet to connect with customers, and it involves content like text, pictures or video.

Digital Marketing is a more effective way of reaching consumers in today's fast-paced society because they are so accessible on their mobile devices at all times.

It also has the ability to reach people no matter where they live due to its global nature.

Digital Marketing can be used as an extension for your traditional advertising mix or as a standalone form of communication. 

What is PESO?

PESO stands for Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media.

The PESO model is a framework created by Gini Dietrich, founder, CEO and author of Spin Sucks.

He classifies four types of exposure that brands need in order for consumers to become properly informed about them: paid advertising (P), earned media coverage from word-of-mouth recommendations (E), shared postings on social networks ((S) or viral content); and company created content 0).

Digital marketing takes advantage of all forms of PESO.

Paid digital marketing is the use of paid advertising to promote a product or service.

This includes Google Adwords, banner ads, and sponsored links.

Earned media coverage comes from word-of-mouth recommendations by consumers who have had good experiences with a company's products: this could include testimonials on your website as well as reviews posted online about your company.

Shared content means that you can encourage customers to share information about their experience through social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter) for free if they are happy with what they've received; this will increase awareness among potential new customers without having to pay anything extra upfront.

Owned digital assets come in the form of customer loyalty programs such as email newsletters and blogs where you can share information that is useful for the customer, such as tips and other resources.

Businesses of all sizes can and should use all forms of the PESO model in their digital marketing as it helps position them as an authority, which then attracts influencers and others who want to promote the business.

Digital Marketing

The digital age has changed the way we market.

We’re no longer limited to one-way communication and static advertisements.

Marketers can now engage with their customers in real-time.

But small to medium-sized business marketers have been slow to adopt this new approach, which means they are missing out on a huge opportunity for growth and engagement.

Digital marketing allows you to connect with your audience through content that is relevant, timely, personalized, and most importantly — engaging!

It gives you the power to create meaningful connections with your customers across every channel of online communication — from email campaigns to social media posts — and it provides a platform for ongoing two-way communication between your brand and its consumers.

This kind of real-time engagement drives sales and conversions while increasing customer loyalty over time; ultimately boosting revenue by building long-lasting relationships between brands and their audiences.

The Digital Marketing Challenge

Tom V asks

"My business has taken a huge hit with COVID.  We're a main street retail specialty shop (selling marine supplies to locals and cruisers).  With borders closed and travel restrictions within our region, people aren't coming into our location.

We need to redo our website to add an ecommerce store but what else should we be doing?"

The Marquee Marketing Solution

Hey Tom

COVID19 has changed the business landscape and hurt many small businesses. The sad reality is that we will only see more of this as the country struggles to find its footing.

Tom, your business needs to be online and not just on one platform. 

You need:

- a mobile site so people can order while in front of you (you have an excellent location)

- an e-commerce website for purchases at any time they please

- social media pages that are engaging with your audience and providing value to them.

- content in the form of videos and graphics that showcases your products, your customers, and the lifestyle that couch cruisers aspire to.

With these features, you'll stay visible in a world where visibility is absolutely key!

Reach out to find out how we can help you. 

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