Event Marketing – Build Connections Through Real-Time Engagement

Event Marketing

These events can be online or offline and companies can participate as hosts, participants, or sponsors. Marketers use both inbound and outbound event marketing strategies for promotional purposes.

Event marketing is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, increase customer engagement, generate leads, educate prospects and customers upsell customers.

It’s also a great way to get your message across quickly by engaging people in person at live events where they are more likely to listen than when you send them an email blast about your latest offer.

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In Person Events

Marquee In-Person events can be a small intimate affair, a large production event, a multi-day tradeshow and conference, or anything in between. 

Get ready, because we’re about to change your relationship with business events.

A marquee marketing event puts power in the hands of attendees and creates mutually beneficial relationships for everyone involved.

Attendees are more likely to remember your brand after getting a chance to experience it firsthand and see first hand that you’ve invested in establishing customer trust through a human-driven approach - not just slogans or publicity stunts. 

And for you, we make it easy to show off your company, and market your brand as a viable investment for attendees.

We'll start by crafting an event plan tailored specifically around your desired outcome, your budget, and how YOU want your attendees to remember you.

Virtual Events

Marquee Virtual events are designed to give you the chance to wow and be wowed in every sense of the word.

The real potential of virtual events is being able to reach people who otherwise may not be able to physically attend an in-person conference or tradeshow with networking opportunities and breakouts.

It’s a phenomenal opportunity to get more personal time with your buyers, supporters, influencers and other attendees.

The best virtual events are grounded in good old fashioned excellence and focus on providing strong content.

They bridge both worlds, so that live attendees can still have meaningful conversations with contributors virtually, as well as participate fully and contribute to productive discussions.

Virtual events can be as simple as a Zoom call, or as complex as a multi-day, multi-speaker event with breakout sessions, a tradeshow and networking opportunities.

Hybrid Events

Marquee Hybrid events give you the best of both worlds -- an in-person event and a virtual event for those who cannot attend.

The best hybrid events are treated like 2 separate events from a planning perspective because the in-person audience has different needs than the virtual audience.

Both audiences get the same content to engage with, but they see and interact in a different way.

The In-person audience needs engagement opportunities like booth tours or speaker presentations and opportunities to network with other attendees and to ask the speakers questions.

The virtual audience also needs an opportunity to be a part of the event. It is not just about listening, it is about participating and feeling as valued as the on-site attendees.

To help the virtual audience feel connected, we include a virtual lounge where attendees could interact with other members of the group, along with real-time chat during keynotes and breakouts.

A Marquee event is an awe-inspiring marketing technique that cuts through the noise and enables you to establish and nurture relationships, quickly determine which lead is on what stage in their customer journey, allow for demonstration of your product or service in person, build trust, and enable engagement.

Event marketing is a great way to promote your brand or business, but it can be difficult to know how and when to use this strategy.

There are several different ways marketers can implement event marketing strategies, including live events, webinars or teleseminars. No matter which method you choose for your own event marketing campaign, the goal of all these tactics is the same - increase awareness of your brand so that more customers will consider buying from you in the future.

The first step in creating an effective event marketing strategy is figuring out which type of engagement would work best for your company's goals.

For example, if you're trying to generate new leads for sale opportunities at an upcoming conference then a contest might be best suited since winners receive free registration into the conference as well as other prizes like gift cards or swag items.

If you want attendees at an upcoming trade show booth to learn about new products on display then you can create an incentive to join you at your booth.  

Marquee event marketing is the solution that allows you to connect with your customers and prospects face-to-face, build relationships through live interactions and earn trust, engagement and loyalty.

Event marketing can take many forms: from hosting an in-person event or a virtual event on your own website or social media channels, participating as a sponsor, speaker or exhibitor at an industry conference, and even just attending conferences and trade shows where your target consumers are.

And the best part is that event marketing allows you to create a buzz about your brand, promote new products and services, build credibility and trust, generate leads, increase sales - all while having fun!

It's easy too because there are so many options available that can be tailored for every budget. From trade shows and conferences to sports events or concerts - we have something for everyone!

We've got it all covered too: from designing digital marketing campaigns to managing logistics for everything else  to writing post-event reports that will bring value back into every campaign - we’ll take on whatever is needed so attendees can say hello one more time before leaving!

Regardless of the type of events you choose for marketing, you'll reach customers and prospects when they are seeking a solution.  Events are definitely a great tool in your marquee marketing toolbox

Our goal is always your success - so find out more about what services are available today by scheduling a call.

The Event Marketing Challenge

Susan G asked:

"I've been to many live events as an attendee (pre-Covid) and far too many virtual events since everything got shut down.

I have 2 questions:

How do I use events in my business (We're not a big company.  We have 1 location and revenue was approximately $2 million in 2019)?


How do I make virtual events appealing?  The ones I attend are so dull, nothing like the supplier events I used to attend.


The Marquee Marketing Solution

Susan, as an event planner, I cannot agree with you more.  

I miss the days of supplier-sponsored events and all the networking, learning, and -- to be honest -- unique experiences, swag and other perks that go along with them.  

I also miss creating those types of events for our clients.  

There's nothing that can replace an in-person event designed to wow while enabling an environment to build relationships and sell.

Virtual events are here to stay and they will evolve -- they have to or they will continue to disappoint.

To answer your question in broad terms, since you haven't shared your industry or company, you can use both in person and virtual events as you've experienced them, scaled accordingly and taking the best parts and leaving out the worst.

Events are used to cut through the noise, connect in ways that simply can't be done with other marketing tools BUT they have to be worth the time for the attendee and that means fulfilling their needs.

Of course, it also means fulfilling your business needs and expectations.

And this is where it helps to hire specialists like us 🙂

Do you need support to create a marketing campaign using marquee marketing ideas, strategies and techniques for your business?

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