Marquee Events Deliver Results

Are you looking for a new way to market your business?  Are you tired of traditional marketing strategies that don't work?  Do you want to create a buzz about your brand, but you don't know how?  A Marquee Event may be just the boost you need to restart your business in a more sustainable and profitable way.

Discover the Marquee Marketing Difference

Our clients are trying to achieve a better return on their marketing spend. They want more qualified leads and better customer engagement, but don't know how to get there or what it will cost them.

We're the only company that offers a comprehensive approach for event marketing services for small and medium size enterprises – from analysis, strategy, design and implementation of an entire campaign to just one piece of it. This allows us to deliver the best ROI and provide our clients with exceptional service at every step along the way.

The marquee events team works with you throughout your campaign planning process, offering suggestions based on years of experience in event production, customer experience, and market research. With Marquee Events as your partner, we'll create customized plans specifically for your business needs so you can reach your target audience while meeting your goals!

Whether you are looking to host an in-person event or a virtual event, we can handle all the details including researching, designing, planning and producing your events.  Afterwards, we can also follow-up with your attendees and continue to market to them using other marquee marketing techniques.

Regardless of the techniques and tools we use, our process is the same.  Our unique approach to marketing and, in particular, event marketing, is our full-service approach which starts with the basics -- what are your opportunities, what are your goals, what does success look like and what challenges have you had achieving them so far.  

Then, together, we decide which marquee marketing tool is best to achieve your desired results. We will then research, design and produce your campaign, program and/or event.

When it's time to tackle your next objective, we'll repeat the process.  After a few engagements and if you desire, your team can take over parts of the project and, as your partner in success, we can handle the rest.

Our selfish goal is for you to love our team and our work so much that we become your indispensable secret weapon... and together we create an environment where your clients feel similarly about you.

See How Easily You Can Be Outstanding and Memorable

In Person Events

A Marquee event is an awe-inspiring marketing technique that cuts through the noise and enables you to establish and nurture relationships, quickly determine which lead is on what stage in their customer journey, allow for demonstration of your product or service in person, build trust, and enable engagement.

An In Person event can be a small intimate affair or it can be a large production event depending on your needs. 

Get ready, because we’re about to change your relationship with business events.

A marquee marketing event puts power in the hands of attendees and creates mutually beneficial relationships for everyone involved.

Attendees are more likely to remember your brand after getting a chance to experience it firsthand and see first hand that you’ve invested in establishing customer trust through a human-driven approach - not just slogans or publicity stunts. 

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Virtual events

A Marquee event is a unique marketing technique that cuts through the noise and delivers results for the host.

Marquee virtual events are designed to give you the chance to wow and be wowed in every sense of the word.

The real potential of virtual events is being able to reach people who otherwise may not be able to physically attend an in-person conference or tradeshow with networking opportunities and breakouts.

It’s a phenomenal opportunity to get more personal time with your buyers, supporters, influencers and other attendees.

The best virtual events are grounded in good old fashioned excellence and focus on providing strong content.

They bridge both worlds, so that live attendees can still have meaningful conversations with contributors virtually, as well as participate fully and contribute to productive discussions.

Virtual events can be as simple as a Zoom call, or as complex as a multi-day, multi-speaker event with breakout sessions, a tradeshow and networking opportunities.

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