Leverage Your Investment and Grow Your Business by Combining Tech and Marketing Expertise

"Show me the ROI" is a common request from business leaders.

Oftentimes, they are expecting champagne-type results on a tap water budget.

I get it - times are tough and expectations to produce are high.

So, while we don't work with tap water budgets, we can certainly show you how to leverage your marketing budget in unique and creative ways using technology, and relationships.

We create marquee marketing plans and campaigns designed to engage your customers and prospects, fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads, lower your acquisition costs and increase your customer lifetime value.

How would you like to be able to leverage your investment and grow your business by combining tech and marketing expertise with the healthy relationships you have nurtured (and will continue to nurture)?

If you want to get ahead in today’s competitive global marketplace, you need to master effective strategies and techniques, an enormous amount of technology, and a lifetime's worth of relationship building.

This requires a multitude of skills that few people possess.  But we do!

What is Leverage Marketing?

It’s a combination of:

  • Tech-savvy marketing
  • Relationship-building
  • Strategic thinking
  • Business acumen
  • Salesmanship
  • Networking
  • And a few other secret sauce ingredients that we rely on to help our clients -- well, LEVERAGE, their marketing efforts and produce results.

 We are specialists at leveraging all of these things to help our clients achieve their goals.

We can help you create a plan for your business growth.

Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with our clients so they can become successful, profitable businesses.

We believe that every client deserves a customized strategy based on their unique needs.

We work closely with you to understand your business challenges and objectives, then develop a comprehensive strategy designed to meet those objectives.

The result is measurable success.

The Expense vs Investment MindSet

Many business leaders look at line items as expenses - employees are expenses, marketing is an expense, technology is an expense, and so on.

However, this mindset is what often keeps them back.

If you invest in your employees -- you hire well, you train well, you mentor well, you provide encouragement and learning opportunities, you appreciate them and reward and recognize them, and you treat them like the responsible adults you've hired to fulfill a meaningful purpose, vision, and mission -- you will see results that exceed your competitors due to increased engagement and a willingness to go above and beyond.

Some employers get this, others don't.

Some business leaders look at marketing in a similar vein.  It's a line item that they know they have to spend to build a pipeline of leads, which the sales team can close, but they still see it as an expense rather than an investment (which likely has to do with their approach and mindset to marketing).

Technology is often an easier sell -- the bright, shiny object that will save them from failure -- but technology is often a lot of hype without results (for new start-ups) or a lot of expense that may not produce what you need it to (for legacy players in the technology world).

The challenge is for business leaders to see what is an expense vs an investment.

It costs a significant amount to lose an employee, advertise, recruit, eventually hire, onboard, train, and get the replacement producing the same value (or more) than their predecessor.

Yet employers seem focused on cutting the employee-related costs by keeping wages low, reducing benefits, failing to provide opportunities, and all the other reasons why employees choose to stay with their current employer - or choose that employer in the first place.

Likewise for marketing.  They want results without knowing exactly who they are targetting and what URGENT, and PAINFUL needs they are fulfilling, in ways that are better than their competition.

These people are caught up in an expense mindset rather than an investment mindset.

It is short-sighted and it's costly.

And it's no way to leverage any aspect of your business - including your marketing.


Why Your Business Needs to Leverage Marketing

Businesses today must be able to compete effectively against scrappy start-ups, along with larger companies, global brands, and other businesses that have been around longer and have greater resources available to them.

In order to compete effectively, businesses must differentiate themselves by offering products and services that are unique and/or superior to those offered by their competitors.

This differentiation requires that businesses develop strategies that attract ideal customers and retain them.

In addition, businesses must also create brand awareness through advertising and public relations.

To achieve these goals, most businesses rely heavily on marketing.

Marketing is defined as "the activity of promoting goods and services."

However, many businesses fail to realize the true potential of marketing because they focus solely on cost-cutting measures such as lowering prices, increasing discounts, and using less expensive advertising methods.

Many businesses believe that marketing is just another line item on their budget.

However, when viewed from a strategic perspective, marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business.

When you leverage your efforts, you gain more value out of your investment.

For some people, it's a hard concept to grasp, so we'll take a few steps back.

Let's say you either own or lease, a building with a parkade -- have you ever thought of leveraging the space on the concrete pillars that hold the parkade up?  They are PRIME spots for wrap-around marketing ads for either your business, your renters' businesses, or strategic partner businesses.

If this seems unrelatable to you, how about something more technological?  You put a pixel on your website, linked to an identity graph and then you can remarket to them OR you can use that pixel to identify people who are in-market but didn't opt-in OR you can identify people who purchase to use their profiles to fine-tune your marketing and create better audiences for Google and Facebook.

These are simple examples of how to leverage marketing in different ways.  We have MANY, MANY ways to leverage your marketing and create better outcomes (and more sales of higher valued customers, with longer customer lifetime values).

How Leverage Marketing Gives You a Huge Market Advantage

The reason why leveraging marketing gives you a huge market advantage over your competition is that:

  1. It increases your reach. If you're not reaching the right audience, you're wasting money.
  2. It increases your frequency. If you're not getting enough impressions, you're losing opportunities.
  3. It increases your conversion rate. If you're not converting leads into customers, you're losing revenue.
  4. It increases your ROI. If you're not generating positive cash flow, you're losing money.
  5. It increases your lifetime customer value. If you're not retaining customers long-term, you're losing money every time someone buys from you.
  6. It creates a snowball effect. The more you do, the more you get done.
  7. It allows you to scale quickly. When you start small, you don't need much capital. As you grow, you can easily raise capital without diluting shareholders.
  8. It reduces risk. By starting small, you reduce the risk of failure.
  9. It makes you more agile. When you start small you can pivot quickly if needed.
  10. It provides you with a competitive advantage. Your competitors will be forced to follow suit.
  11. It improves your brand. When you leverage your marketing, you become more memorable.
  12. It helps you build a community. When you leverage your social media presence, you increase your network. This means more referrals, more traffic, and more opportunities.
  13. It helps you attract quality prospects. When you leverage your content, you attract qualified buyers.
  14. It helps you find high-value prospects. When you leverage search engine optimization, you find highly targeted prospects. 

Ways to Leverage Content for Marketing Success

Content Marketing has become increasingly more competitive - especially since the introduction of AI writers.

Truth to be told, this website uses AI for ideas, although we never, never accept the outputs as-is.

We add our own opinions, research, expertise, experience, and voice to the outputs, which is what you are reading right now!

However, for the purposes of leverage marketing, with all of this in mind -- the willingness to do research, share case studies and experience, expertise, and opinions -- you can most definitely leverage content to help your business grow.

BTW, think about writing a book -- I wrote one called Guerrilla Tourism Marketing: How to Leverage Marketing, Relationships, and Technology 10 years ago.

It's not an easy task (that book took 9 months of very long days to write, then I was both sad and furious and humbled by my editors' comments, then I pulled myself together to fix what they'd identified, and finally publish the book -- what a celebration that was!.)

Truth be told - yet again - the book market is saturated, so the crappy books that internet marketers promote won't get you anywhere.

My book still hasn't covered my time, in terms of royalties BUT it's a great way to leverage my marketing (you'll notice I linked to the book above!) and the hard-copy book is much better than a cold email, especially in a B2B environment such as the one we work in.

I'm a glutton for punishment because I've decided to update it, as a marquee marketing version of the same topic, along with a more generic version that covers all the topics within marquee marketing.

That said...

There are many ways to leverage content for marketing success. Here are just a few:

  • Create a blog. Blogs are great for creating content that is easy to share via email, social media, etc. It also lets you capture links to other pages or products.
  • Write articles. Articles are great for sharing your expertise and knowledge. They’re also great for building authority and trust within your industry.
  • Share videos. Videos are great for capturing attention. They’re great for building relationships and trust.
  • Create infographics. Infographics are great for capturing attention and information. They’re easy to share via social media and they look good on websites.
  • Write white papers. White papers are great for capturing attention, providing valuable information, and building credibility.
  • Create eBooks. Ebooks are great for capturing attention by giving away free information. They’ll help you build credibility and trust with your readers.
  • Create webinars. Webinars are great for capturing attention in an engaging way. They’re perfect for building relationships and trust with your audience.
  • Create podcasts. Podcasts are great for capturing attention through audio. They’re ideal for building relationships and trust.
  • Create slide decks. Slide decks are great for capturing attention when presenting at conferences and events.  

How to use Technology to Leverage Your Marketing Budget

I'm going to skip over the obvious ways to use technology to leverage your marketing budget, partially because I've used them for more than 20 years and it seems to me that EVERYONE knows the basics of email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing etc. etc. etc.

Where I'm going with this, is the pure magic in this page.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram (and basically all the other social companies like TikTok et al) are in existence to make as much money off advertisers as they can, off the backs of their "saps" - me included - the users that use their "free" tools without understanding how they've agreed to give their personal details away for the privilege of using these tools.

These same apps -- oh yay, shareholder pressure for more profits -- are also limiting the availability of data, partially for their own gains, and partially due to governmental pressures that "should?" protect the common user.

As you can imagine, there is a whole wild west in technology marketing, and we are struggling to balance ethics, privacy, and our promise to help marketers leverage their marketing budget.

It is a bit tricky since the goalposts for regulations and technology continue to change.

We also struggle with "what is right?"

We are most definitely NOT scammers, black hat marketers, or other types of slimy marketers or business people.

We ARE, however, always on the lookout for companies that use AI, intel, expertise, research, and technology, to help our clients.

And we believe we've found a partner that does exactly what we expect.

How does it work?

  1. We listen carefully to your needs and desires.
  2. We analyze your current situation and set realistic goals.
  3. We design a custom, strategic plan that includes specific actions you must take to reach your desired outcomes.
  4. We implement the plan using proven methods and technologies.
  5. We measure progress and adjust as necessary.
  6. We celebrate your successes along the way.
  7. We provide ongoing support and guidance.
  8. We keep you informed about new opportunities and trends.


Some of the Leverage Marketing Technology we use:

Big Problem #1:

We are looking for a highly motivated, self-starter who is passionate about helping small businesses succeed in their online presence. You’ll work closely with our team of digital marketers and designers to create innovative strategies that drive results.

How would you like to be able to leverage your investment and grow your business by combining tech and marketing expertise with the healthy relationships you have nurtured (and will continue to nurture)?

If you want to get ahead in today’s competitive global marketplace, you need to master effective strategies and techniques, an enormous amount of technology, and a lifetime's worth of relationship building.

This requires a multitude of skills that few people possess.  But we do!

How We Solve This: 

We use something called ‘Identity Resolution’.

There is something called an Identity Graph which is essentially a massive source of 1st party data on billions of people. If you have a pixel captured on a website, then cross-reference that to an Identity Graph - you can resolve that person's identity.

Big Problem #2:

Once you resolve identities from your website, there is immense value. However, data is only valuable when you know how to use it.

How We Solve This: 

For this marketing challenge, we go one step further than resolving identities to build a comprehensible re-targeting strategy using the data.

We will be using our ‘Identity Resolution Re-activation Sequences’ to re-convert these anonymous visitors back into leads and sales.

Big Problem #3:

Facebook (and Google’s) match rate sucks. It is why people struggle within online ads.

I’ll explain.

Match Rate is the rate at which FB/Google/Other can match custom audiences with real profiles.

Low match rate is often the reason for re-targeting not working, or Lookalikes on Facebook flopping.

How We Solve This: 

Ever heard of Match Rate Optimization?


That’s because our vetted partner invented it.

In-fact our partner is the only agency that even offers this service, as they hold the patent.

This means that we can offer this service and fix this problem, while your competitors continue to struggle.

Big Problem #4:

There are millions of online marketers running paid ads and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is using the same type of targeting.

It’s extremely saturated and costs are going up.

How can we give them targeting that no one else has access to?

How We Solve This: 

Remember how we have access to an ‘identity graph’?

Well in the same way we used this for our re-targeting, we will use this for our targeting.

By finding out what type of audiences you are getting the most sales from, we can rebuild this and create a custom targeting solution that will instantly drop your costs.

We will supply you with custom data to drop your ad costs.

We will audit your ad account, identify your best audience then fill out our ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) sheet.

We will build your own targeting based on whatever parameters you like.

Big Problem #5:

SaaS technology companies (and other B2B companies) spend millions of dollars to reach certain people.

The problem is they are extremely hard to find, they often aren't on FaceBook, won’t respond on LinkedIn, and will not likely open a cold email.

They also can’t just scrape the person's LinkedIn details and run paid ads, as the email the prospect uses for LinkedIn, is likely not what they use on Facebook or to browse Google.

How We Solve This:  

Using what we call a B2B2C identity graph, we can identify key decision makers of any company THEN reverse engineer exactly how to reach them via paid advertising or reaching out directly.

Big Problem #6:

Everyone wants organic rankings through SEO - it’s considered the holy grail of traffic as it’s free and long lasting.

The problem is everyone is going after the same ‘high volume keywords’ that look good on paper, however the actual intent behind the terms attracts either unqualified leads or leads that are ‘shopping around’.

Along with this, it also takes A LOT of time and resources to rank for these keywords. Yes, there are “black hat tactics”, however 99.9999% of the time it’s about quality content and signals which can’t be faked.

So how can you rank for highly intent driven terms, without waiting months and spending all your budget on content?

How We Solve This: 

Did you know that there are millions of search terms that search engines drop every single day that no one even knows about?

These terms are so specific that the ONLY WAY TO KNOW that they exist, is to just create content that ranks for them.

These are hyper-specific terms like “Best plastic Surgeons Dallas Texas no scaring review”.

It’s these terms that are worth A LOT of money. However, to rank for them you need thousands upon thousands of high-ranking blog posts and web pages produced every single week.

That’s why we use an AI (Artificial Intelligence) ranking system.

In a few minutes this will help you rank for THOUSANDS of high intent keywords by using GPT-3 to produce high ranking content that ranks in minutes.

Big Problem #7:

You are overpaying for crappy leads and you are fed-up with running Facebook ads, overpaying third party vendors and done with businesses/agencies who do not deliver on their promise.

How We Solve This: 

We will use all the resources at our disposal to become your lead partner. We do this by using T.V.D (testing, validating then dominating).

This is a full-meal-deal offer, where we pull out all the stops, and use our expertise to build you a completely leveraged system that will bring you leads galore.


These are a sample of what we can do to help leverage your marketing efforts (and budget).

Do you need support to create a marketing campaign using Marquee Marketing ideas, strategies and techniques for your business?