Lifestyle Marketing - The New Way to Sell

Traditional advertising is no longer effective. Consumers are bombarded with messages from every direction, and they don't trust them anymore.

Lifestyle Marketing is the future of marketing because it speaks to consumers on an emotional level instead of a logical one.

We help our clients build lifestyle brands that speak to their customers' emotions in order to create long-lasting relationships between themselves and their customers/clients through meaningful experiences rather than just short-term sales.

Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle Marketing helps companies achieve their business goals by focussing on the lifestyle of an individual and their activities, opinions, interests and sense of self-expression.

The key to successful lifestyle marketing is understanding your target audience.  What are they striving for?  How can your products or services help them to become the better version of themselves they envision.

By creating effective messaging, imagery and strategies around lifestyle brands, businesses are able to relate better with consumers while also reaching out to new customers who may not have considered purchasing their brand before now.

Our company has helped small and medium-sized businesses to grow by creating brand loyalty with their customers, leading them from being just another faceless brand into something more personal for people who buy from them.

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Common Lifestyle Marketing Questions

What is a Lifestyle?

The definition of Lifestyle is "the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group."

The term was introduced by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in his 1929 book, The Case of Miss R., He defined it as "a person's basic character as established early in childhood;" 

Nowadays, lifestyle refers to the way someone lives, whether by choice or circumstance.

What is a Lifestyle Brand?

Lifestyle brands seek to become synonymous with the niche they serve. They seek to be a leader of this "tribe" and to serve as their guide.  

A lifestyle brand taps into the interests, aspirations, values and behaviours of a specific group or culture and its goals are to motivate their audience to become a better version of themselves by using their products.

For example, Lululemon is a lifestyle brand that originally catered to yoga enthusiasts, although the brand is now worn as everyday wear.

People become emotionally attached to lifestyle brands and Harley Davidson is the poster child for this type of market, after all, how many Harley tattoos have you seen?

How Do You Use Lifestyle Marketing?

If you have a product line that is aspirational to a specific group of people your job, as a marketer, is to truly understand them and become very focused on your marketing messages.

The first step is to ensure your vision, your values, your higher purpose and, of course, your products must all align with the customers.

What are your customers aspiring to be and how does your product help them in ways that all the other brands cannot?

It takes a lot of effort to become a trusted lifestyle brand but once you are known, the benefits are enormous -- an engaged, dedicated and loyal tribe that cannot imagine switching brands as they see yours as an extension of themselves.

People buy products that make them feel good about themselves. 

Lifestyle marketing creates content that makes people feel like better versions of themselves by showing them how your product can improve their lives in some way, whether it's through entertainment, education or self-expression.

Lifestyle Marketing

The majority of brands today are built on emotionless logic, and it's not working anymore.

Consumers no longer trust traditional advertising because they're bombarded with messages from every direction that contradict each other.

They don't know what to believe or who to trust anymore.

This causes them to tune out traditional ads completely, and instead spend their time consuming content created by people they actually know and trust such as friends and family members.

Lifestyle Marketing is the new wave of marketing that focuses on building relationships between consumers and brands through meaningful experiences rather than just short-term sales.

The Lifestyle Marketing Challenge

David B. asks:

"We're a niche clothing company for outdoor enthusiasts who want performance clothing and style.  

We're planning to become a B-Corp and we're also considering starting a social enterprise.

What is the best way to market our brand?

We're thinking that Lifestyle Marketing is the way to go and to differentiate ourselves from other brands.

What do you think?" 

The Marquee Marketing Solution

Hey David, I think that you are onto something awesome and that Lifestyle Marketing will be extremely useful for building your brand.

You already incorporate many aspects of a brand that will attract a great tribe of followers and with your focus on becoming a B-Corp and starting a social enterprise, I believe you are well on your way.

Lifestyle marketing, along with a few other tools and strategies, will certainly help you to rise to the top in a very crowded marketplace.

We can help you to solidify all your ideas into a cohesive business and marketing plan.

We wish you all the best!

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