Product Placement - SME's Most Creative Marquee Marketing Tool

Do you have a brand suitable for product placement in a film, documentary, show or even a well-known YouTube Channel?

Product placement isn't for everyone but for certain brands and products, having them used in a production is a great way to raise awareness.

Product Placement - Stranger Things, Eggos

It’s discreet and doesn’t interrupt the story like traditional ads do. Plus, it can be more effective than other forms of advertising because it feels natural to the viewer.

With product placement, you don't have to worry about annoying your customers with ads they don't want to see or hear.

You can promote your products in a way that fits seamlessly into their lives without being too intrusive or obvious.

And if you're not sure where to start, we'll help you find just the right place for your brand!

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Common Questions About Product Placement

What is Product Placement?

Product placement is a form of advertising in movies, tv shows, video games, digital platforms, music, print media and video channels.  It is meant to be discreet rather than traditional advertising.  The products that are embedded in the media are used by the characters as part of the story. 

What is an example of product placement?

Some excellent examples of product placement are:

  • Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story
  • Ray-Ban sunglasses in Risky Business and Men in Black
  • Eggo Waffles in Stranger Things
  • Reese's Pieces in ET
  • Aston Martin in 3 James Bond Movies

How successful is product placement?

The value of product placements in all media worldwide grew 14.5% to $20.57 billion in 2019

The growth of product placements is expected to outgrow both the GDP and traditional advertising by 2024.

Hershey's saw a 65% increase in profits two weeks after the premier of ET.

Wayfarer Sunglasses by Ray-Ban sold 18,000 pairs before Risky Business and 360,000 pairs afterwards.

Pontiac forecasted sales of 1,000 Solstice cars in 10 days after product placement in The Apprentice.  Instead, they sold 1,000 cars in 41 minutes.

As with every form of marketing, some product placements were duds.  Some productions have so many products placed they resemble a shopping channel rather than a movie.

Plan strategically and wisely if you intend to use product placement in your marketing mix.

Media is all around us. It’s in our homes, on the streets, and everywhere we go. But have you ever noticed that so much of what we see are advertisements?

Traditional advertising is intrusive and annoying to most people. It doesn’t make sense for brands to spend money on ads when consumers would rather not be exposed to them at all.

Product placement allows brands to integrate products into media without being too noticeable or disruptive while still reaching their target audience.

Brands can now pay a fee per product featured instead of paying for traditional advertisements which often interrupt viewers from enjoying the content they paid for in the first place!

The Product Placement Challenge

Amir S. asks,

 "I want to get my products in front of as many people as possible, but don't know where to start.

I also don't have a huge budget and I know that people are tuning out traditional ads.

I know big brands use product placement in movies and TV shows but we don't have their budget.

The Marquee Marketing Solution

Hey Amir.

Marquee marketing is all about being creative and being resourceful.

While you may not have the budget that Hershey's did with Reese's Pieces in ET, or Ray Ban did with Risky Business (and other films), you can look for other places, like an indie movie, or documentary or smaller show.

The trick is to find the right opportunities for your product or service in the first place!

Do you follow any YouTube, or Instagram accounts, or TikTok  channels where a subtle product placement would be a great fit for your products?

We wish you all the best!

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