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Marquee marketing encompasses many different marketing strategies and techniques from the world of non-traditional marketing which includes:

  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Events Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Incentive Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lifestyle Marketing
  • Buzz Marketing
  • Cause Marketing
  • Embedded Marketing

Marquee marketing relies on creativity and the art of storytelling regardless of the type of marketing campaign.

The most important consideration with marquee marketing is that we are not just selling products or services, but instead, the goal in every campaign should be to help people solve their problems through an authentic relationship with your brand so they will become even more passionate ambassadors for you than before!

It’s all part-and-parcel when it comes to converting potential customers into loyal evangelists who promote what matters in this age where peer recommendations hold sway over advertising messages from brands themselves.

The challenge and opportunity for marketers are that people are hardwired to be suspicious of messages from brands, which is why marquee marketing is so powerful.

Consumers have woken up to how big data can influence emotions like trustworthiness as well empathy which results  in some people being more likely to buy from brands that are perceived as “good.”

Since an overwhelming majority of the population passes on marketing messages, marketers have been forced into a new approach for reaching customers and influencing their perceptions in order to reach them where they live – online via social channels and offline via experiences that immerse them in an experience which they share with their friends and family.

And now that consumers can control what ads show up with ad blockers- it’s become even harder because consumers are not just seeking advertising avoidance but actively avoiding any contact whatsoever until they are ready to buy.

This has led marketers down two paths – one path leads towards finding ways around intrusive advertisement methods while still staying true to its brand values; whereas another path leads towards finding new ways to insert the brand into a consumer’s life in more subtle and seamless integration.

The outcome of these two paths is what we call “Marquee Marketing” which encompasses many different marketing strategies, from Guerrilla Marketing and Events Marketing techniques to Embedded Marketing, Incentive Marketing, Cause Marketing, Buzz Marketing, as well as Experiential Marketing and Lifestyle Marketing. And to tie these all together, Marquee Marketing uses digital marketing with brand-generated content and user-generated content.

These marketing strategies are designed to keep customers engaged through their entire lifecycle.

How do you use Marquee Marketing?

Marquee marketing has many applications and can be used by all size companies because it relies on creativity, and most importantly, a people-first philosophy.

Marquee Marketing is not a template, blueprint or roadmap. Instead, it’s an attitude combined with strategy and tactics that are customized for the company and its customers.

It always starts with people. This means focusing on what’s best about your organization, encouraging creativity within employees as well as committing to involving and engaging with your customers to co-create better products, more value, and better ways to achieve your higher purpose and other organizational goals.

In order to get an idea if you’re ready for marquee marketing just ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want my products or services to be recognized as innovative?
  • Are my customers important enough for me that I would listen and communicate with them, or am just focused on selling without any intention of hearing their feedback about what they need from us?
  • Does our company have a higher purpose beyond the normal business world’s focus solely upon shareholder value maximization at all costs?
  • Is there an area in which we are now providing better service than people expect but could do still more so if given resources?
  • Do you want your employees engaged because it’s not mere employment anymore – this is where work can become creative expression?

In short: Are YOU ready for marquee marketing?

Three Keys to Using Marquee Marketing are:

  1. Aligning your higher purpose, core values, vision, personality and brand promise throughout your organization for a cohesive approach to delivering value and uniqueness (click here for more insight into the New Ps to Marketing).
  2. Creating campaigns that express your uniqueness while demonstrating your commitment to improving your customer’s lives
  3. Understanding the customer journey and connecting with customers at every stage of their lifecycle

When you know who your target audiences are, it’s much easier to create campaigns that will resonate in a way where they’ll actually want more – after all marketing doesn’t work if people don’t care about what we’re saying or doing!

The result?

More engagement, more brand awareness and ultimately higher sales. In the end, it’s about you – what do YOU want to achieve with your marketing investment (click here for a deep dive into how we work).

The bottom line is this: A good marquee marketer will always show up in style!


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Marquee Marketing

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